Company: Roger Savage
E-mail: gyroplanes (at)
Phone & Fax: 017684 83859(United Kingdom)
Country: United Kingdom
Gyro Types: Magni/MT03/Sport/ELA/RAF/XENON/most singe seat gyroplanes
Offering PPL(G) courses right through to Advanced courses from our own base in the middle of the English Lake District& other airfields in Lancs and Yorks. Instructor since 1993 and have around 6.000hrs of gyroplane flight time alone. Also heli/aeroplane and glider. Come and have a flight or train with one of the most experienced flight instructors around. Overseas flight training by arrangement.
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United Kingdom. If you are looking for a Helicopter flight training instructor in the Uk or anywhere in the world look no further. Commercial Helicopter Pilots Licence Advanced Helicopter Courses Helicopter courses for aeroplane pilots PPLA PPLH Helicopter BAK CASA PPLH exam CPLA PPLH CASA PPLH exam PPLA CPLH CASA CPLH full exam CPLA CPLH The Commercial Pilot Licence will enable the candidate to fly anywhere in Australia with passengers during daylight hours, in any helicopter for which an endorsement is held. Commercial pilots may be remunerated for flying done, however any commercial activities must be conducted under an organisation, which holds an Air Operators Certificates.Private Helicopter Pilots Licence (PPL)Student Pilot's Licence (SPL Student Pilot Licence  Private Helicopter Pilots Licence  Commercial Helicopter Pilots Licence Advanced Helicopter Courses Helicopter Courses for Aeroplane Pilots Combined Helicopter and Aeroplane Courses Safety courses using our Frasca 342 Helicopter Simulator R44 R22CASA CPLH conversion examDue to the operating characteristics of the helicopter—its ability to takeoff and land vertically, and to hover for extended periods of time, as well as the aircraft's handling properties under low airspeed conditions—it has been chosen to conduct tasks that were previously not possible with other aircraft, or were time- or work-intensive to accomplish on the ground. Today, helicopter uses include transportation, construction, firefighting, search and rescue, and military uses.helicopter theory training, pilot training Australia, overseas student private pilots licence, Private pilot helicopter, Commercial pilot helicopter, Airline transport pilot helicopter, pilots licence, private pilot helicopter, commercial pilot licence, aircraft charter, joyflights, joyflight, aircraft sales, rotary wing instrument rating, helicopter training, helicopter pilot training in Victoria, helicopter sales, aviation college, kestrel aviation, kestral aviation, helicopter training, joy flights, aviation pilot, commercial helicopter pilot, training Australia, student pilot, aviation employment, helicopter charter, helicopter simulator, overseas pilot training A helicopter used to carry loads connected to long cables or slings is called an aerial crane. Aerial cranes are used to place heavy equipment, like radio transmission towers and large air conditioning units, on the tops of tall buildings, or when an item must be raised up in a remote area, such as a radio tower raised on the top of a hill or mountain. Helicopters are used as aerial cranes in the logging industry to lift trees out of terrain where vehicles cannot travel and where environmental concerns prohibit the building of roads.These operations are referred to as longline because of the long, single sling line used to carry the load. Helitack is the use of helicopters to combat wildland fires The helicopters are used for aerial firefighting (or water bombing) and may be fitted with tanks or carry helibuckets. Helibuckets, such as the Bambi bucket, are usually filled by submerging the bucket into lakes, rivers, reservoirs, or portable tanks. Tanks fitted onto helicopters are filled from a hose while the helicopter is on the ground or water is siphoned from lakes or reservoirs through a hanging snorkel as the helicopter hovers over the water source. Helitack helicopters are also used to deliver firefighters, who rappel down to inaccessible areas, and to resupply firefighters. Common firefighting helicopters include variants of the Bell 205 and the Erickson S-64 Aircrane helitanker. Helicopters are used as air ambulances for emergency medical assistance in situations when an ambulance cannot easily or quickly reach the scene. Helicopters are also used when a patient needs to be transported between medical facilities and air transportation is the most practical method for the safety of the patient. Air ambulance helicopters are equipped to provide medical treatment to a patient while in flight. The use of helicopters as an air ambulance is often referred to as MEDEVAC, and patients are referred to as being "airlifted", or "medevaced". Police departments and other law enforcement agencies use helicopters to pursue suspects. Since helicopters can achieve a unique aerial view, they are often used in conjunction with police on the ground to report on suspects' locations and movements. They are often mounted with lighting and heat-sensing equipment for night pursuits. Other uses of helicopters include, but are not limited to: Aerial photography Motion picture ph0tography Electronic news gathering  Reflection seismology  Search and Rescue Tourism or recreation Transport


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